Who we are

Mecalexo Inc. is a Montreal based company specializing in the creation of engaging interactive experiences for museums, science centers, trade shows and corporate customers.  Founded in 1992 by Bernard Hotte, the company has designed, built and installed many electromechanical exhibits around Canada.  Dedicated engineers, technicians as well as creative artists team up to turn your educational needs into fun, exciting and gratifying learning experiences.


What we do

Over the years, Mecalexo has developed a strong expertize on electronics, physics and mechanical designs targeted at tailored applications.  Each and every project we tackle is different from the previous and is challenging in its own way.  This transformed Mecalexo into a creative and innovative company that believes anything is possible.

We focus on these main technical areas:

- Mechanical design and fabrication:

  • Computer assisted 3D design of parts, assemblies and products
  • 3D printing using in-house Fused Deposition Modeling for rapid prototyping and production
  • Teaming up with partners, machining and forming of materials to your specific need

- Electronics engineering and fabrication:

  • Electronic product design
  • Computer assisted creation of schematics and PCBs for custom made applications
  • Circuit board assembly and testing

- Software/Firmware design:

  • iPhone/iPod/iPad application design
  • Microcontroller and computer programming
  • Machine vision tailored to interactive experience with visitors

For example, this in-house knowledge allows us to create:

- Complex electromechanical assemblies including sensors, sound and light effects, crank wheel systems, etc.

- Remote interaction of our exhibits using intelligent devices

- Multi touch interactive surfaces

- Etc.


Who we do it for

Our customers include:

- Science centers

- Exhibit designers

- Utility companies

- Museums (child, historical, art, etc.)

- AV contractors

- Etc.


Our mission

We aim to use new technologies to educate the public on science while focusing on maintaining a human approach in the experience.

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