Building electromechanical systems is one thing. Bringing them to life is another. MECALEXO has the ability not only to design and build a product or a prototype but also to… make it useful. Our software and firmware developers will work with you every step of the way to transform your product into a usable, fun to interact with and stable piece of engineering.


  • Industry standard C or C++ code
  • OS (Linux and variants) and OS-Free depending on application
  • Embedded file system, USB host/device stack, TCP/IP stack
  • Wide range of communication protocols: Zigbee, CAN, TCP/IP, GPS, custom, etc.


  • Versatile and portable Java or C++ code
  • Linux, Mac and Windows OS
  • Extensive experience with databases, TCP/IP and image recognition and processing

iPhone/iPad applications

  • Native Apple’s Objective C coding
  • Remote control your product using your own iPhone app
  • Upgrade the firmware/software for your product from your device
  • Receive notifications from your product on your phone or tablet

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