This project was put together for a Hockey Training facility in the region of Montreal.  The customer wanted to modify existing equipments to make them more interactive to play with. Two (2) games had to be designed:

  • Customer had acquired multiple passive puck passers like these (they return the upcoming puck upon receiving it using a rubber band) and wanted us to create a much more immersive game with them.  We transformed these passive passers into wireless, battery operated passer pods with backlight prompting.  The passers (any number of them) are wirelessly registering to a game controller which actives the passers one at a time.  The goal of the game is to perform as many passes as possible in a finite amount of time.  Here you can see one of our designer trying out the system (you can really tell he’s an engineer and not a hockey player ;)

  • Two (2) goals were built from scratch with front targets.  Each target (five on one goal and six on the other) was fitted with a sensor to detect a passing puck and with a prompting lighting system.  A game controller prompts the user to hit a target and, once hit, prompts for another one randomly.  The goal is to hit as many targets as possible in a finite amount of time.

Custom electronics had to be made for both games.  On the X-Passer’s game, we had to develop:

  • a game controller (which is also taking care of the display and is located in the wall display panel)
  • a X-Passer main board (that communicates with the X-Passer sensors through hard lines and the game controller through ZigBee)
  • a sensor to detect when a puck is entering the passer. There are two (2) sensors per X-Passer, one on each side for extra robustness
  • a backlight system to prompt the user to pass the puck

On the goals, we had to develop:

  • a game controller similar to the one used in the X-Passer game
  • a sensor controller located behind the net in a protected case
  • a sensor that trigs whenever a puck goes through a target.  There are five (5) sensors on one goal and six (6) on the other

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