Electronic DesignMECALEXO has been helping customers by building electronic circuits to fit their specific applications for more than 15 years. Whether designing and manufacturing a temperature-controlled oven for an SMT reflow process, a giant slot machine for a TV show, a magnetometer for a science museum or a wireless ZigBee puck passer for a hockey training facility, MECALEXO has been designing creative and innovative solutions to your challenges at an affordable price while delivering high-quality products. We stand out of the crowd when asked to design electronic products targeted at man-machine interactions.

In the past years, we have acquired substantial knowledge in these fields:

  • Commercial and industrial product designs
  • Game and interactive exhibits
  • Museums and interpretation centers
  • Robotics

Our in-house electronic developers can design and deliver circuit boards, be it simple or complex, based on the following technologies and many others:

PCB design

  • Multi-layer (8+) board design up to 1 GHz using industry standard FR-4
  • Impedance matching using microstrips, edge-coupled, etc.
  • Coherent real estate usage
  • Proper connector planning


Digital circuit design

  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers: ARM, PowerPC, AVR, PIC, etc.
  • FPGA: Altera, Xilinx
  • Memory interfaces: SDRAM, SRAM, NOR, Serial Flash, etc.
  • Wireless: ZigBee, WiFi, etc.
  • Serial links: I2C, SPI, CAN Bus, UART, etc.


Analog circuit design

  • Linear regulator PSUs
  • DC switching power supplies
  • Motor control: brushless BLDC, brushed, servo, stepper
  • LEDs drivers


  • Extensive experience with all kinds of low level sensors: proximity, magnetic, navigation, environment, position, optical, force, etc.
  • High level application sensors like Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, etc.

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